Facial ImplantsFacial implants are designed to enhance and rejuvenate facial contours through augmentation. Those who are troubled by a recessed chin, hollowness around the eyes or asymmetric facial features may benefit from facial implants such as a chin implant, jaw implant or cheek implants (malar implants) to augment facial contours. Dr. Silberg has over 30 years of experience as a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and has performed hundreds of facial implant surgery procedures. Call our office today at (707) 528-0911 or use our convenient online form to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Silberg. He will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and feel confidence about the choices you make. With Dr. Silberg, you can be sure that you are placing your care with a trustworthy professional that has the skill and experience you need.

Facial implants are made of man-made materials that are compatible with human tissues. The most common types of facial implants are chin, jaw and malar (cheek) implants. Selecting the right type and size of implant is critical to the success of this procedure. Dr. Silberg can dramatically enhance your image by adding favorable proportion and symmetry to your face with facial implants.

Candidates for Facial Implants

Facial Implant SurgeryYou may be an excellent candidate for facial implants if you:

  • are troubled by a weak, recessed chin
  • are troubled by a weak or undefined jawline that does not have the appearance of being distinctly separate from your neck
  • wish to enhance the definition and fullness of your cheeks
  • have hollowness under the eyes that can be resolved with cheek implants
  • wish to correct facial asymmetry

Most Common Facial Implants

  • Chin implants – increase the size and projection of a recessed chin that is not in proportion with rest of the face.
  • Jaw implants – increase the width of the lower third of your face.
  • Cheek (Malar) implants – increase the projection of the cheekbones. They add volume to areas that may be recessed or undefined.

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